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Federal Tax Litigation
We have the skills to represent clients at all levels, from the audit stage, through the administrative appeals process, and in court. Our lawyers are licensed to practice in all of the Texas state courts, the United States Tax Court, the United States District Courts, and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.
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Texas Tax Law

Welcome to the Martens, Todd, Leonard & Taylor's  website. Our firm represents clients in Texas tax and federal tax controversies and litigation. We are centrally located in downtown Austin, Texas.

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Upcoming Seminars
All of our attorneys are frequent lecturers and speakers at symposiums and seminars throughout Texas and the nation, not just for lawyers, but also for CPAs, corporate controllers, and individual taxpayers.
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Federal Tax Matters
For our federal tax clients, we handle cases involving income taxes, estate and gift taxes, excise taxes, and payroll taxes. We have significant experience handling cases involving international tax issues, domestic tax issues, employee vs. independent contractor status issues, and other complex tax issues.
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State Tax Clients
Our state tax clients include Fortune 500 companies involved in numerous industries, including tobacco and agriculture, steel, heavy equiptment manufacturing, oil and gas, high technology, petrochemical refining, equiptment leasing, defense contracting, insurance wholesale, retail, cable television, manufacturing, and service industries.
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Texas Tax Controversies
We handle tax disputes at all levels, beginning with assisting clients' tax professionals and in-house accountants with the audit. We routinely defend our clients through the Comptroller's administrative court process and in the Travis County district courts. When necessary, we prosecute cases through the Third Court of Appeals.
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 A General Partnership  

Martens, Todd, Leonard, Taylor & Ahrlich an AV-rated tax controversy law firm handling principally Texas franchise tax and Texas sales and use tax litigation.  Our firm is located in downtown Austin, Texas.  While most of our litigation involves the Texas franchise (margin) tax and the Texas sales and use tax, we've represented clients in tax disputes involving Texas motor vehicle and motor fuels taxes, IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) tax, mixed beverage tax, Texas tobacco tax, and other Texas taxes.  We've represented clients in tax disputes in numerous other states, including Louisiana, Colorado, Oklahoma, New Mexico, California, North Dakota, Kansas, and Florida.

We've also represented clients in challenging the results of federal income tax, estate and gift tax, and excise tax audits in the U.S. Tax Court, federal appeals courts, and U.S. Supreme Court.


·         Our recent Texas Supreme Court cases include Combs v. Roark Amusement & Vending, LP, 422 S.W.3d 632 (Tex. 2013); and In Re: AllCat Claims Service, LP, 356 S.W.3d 455 (Tex. 2011).


·         Our recent Texas Third Court of Appeals cases include Combs v. Newpark Resources, Inc., 422 S.W.3d 46 (Tex. App. - Austin, Dec. 31, 2013, no pet.) and Titan Transportation, LP v. Combs, 433 S.W.3d 625 (Tex. App. - Austin, Mar. 14, 2014, pet. filed).


·         Our recent United States Supreme Court cases include C.I.R. v. DSDBL, Ltd., 132 S. Ct. 2099 (2012) and UTAM, Ltd. v. C.I.R., 132 S. Ct. 2100 (2012).


We represent our clients in challenging audit assessments and tax refund claim denials in court, in administrative hearings, and through all levels of appeals. Our attorneys are licensed in all of the Texas courts, including the state district courts, appeals courts and Texas Supreme Court.  We are also licensed in the United States Tax Court, the Federal District Courts, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court.  

Jimmy Martens is Board Certified in Tax Law.
Kelli Todd, Lacy Leonard, Amanda Taylor, and Danielle Ahlrich are not certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. 


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